Do That Thing That You Said You’d Never Do!

Do Something that you said you’d never do.  Throughout our lives there are many times when we think to ourselves . . . “I’d never do that” . . . and sometimes it’s a sensible thought, especially when that something is dangerous or unhealthy.  Often, we decide not to do something because whatever it is may be outside of our comfort zone.

Spend a little time in a Sensuous Space.  Take a few deep breaths, and think about some of the things that you said you’d never do.  Maybe you’ve said, “I’ll never travel to _______,” or maybe that you’d never do that sexual thing your lover always wanted to do . . . or never go skinny-dipping, or ever consider going skydiving.  The ideas are endless. So, whenever you hear yourself saying, “I will never do that!” . . . spend a few moments to consider the possibility that you might actually want to do it someday.  Make a list, if you want, of these things that you think you would never do.  Then, go over the list, and ask yourself . . . why not?

Pick one of the things on your list, and learn as much as you can about it . . . and then, do it!       Savor the experience of doing something that was previously out of the realm of possibilities.  Let go, relax into it, and be aware of emotions and sensations that go along with it.  Later, think about how it was to step outside of your comfort zone.  Expanding your horizons, and doing that thing that you said you’d never do will help you become more in touch with your Sensuous Self.  Try this exercise whenever the opportunity arises.  It will make you a Sensuous Woman!

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