The Sensuous Woman’s Cure for Stress


       When you are feeling overwhelmed by Life, for one reason or another . . . Go Outside, and spend time in Nature. Find a place to sit near trees and moving water, if possible. Leave your electronics inside for at least half an hour or more. Take a journal, and something to drink. I also take a pillow along so I can sit anywhere I want. Nature is outside generating Oxygen and Negative ions for you!

      Negative ions are the good ones. Negative Ions are healing, and increase the Oxygen in your brain. This increases Serotonin, alertness, and your Sense of Well Being. Look for a place with a babbling brook, or go to the Beach, or to the Mountains. Find a Nature Preserve near where you live, and go there as often as you can. These are the places where you will find tens of thousands of Negative Ions in the air. A spring thunderstorm also creates an abundance of Negative Ions.

      When you go to one of these special places, or sit outside after a thunderstorm . . . Just sit, listen, and write if you want. Breathe in deeply and slowly, and exhale completely. Relax your eyes as you gently gaze at the water, or the natural setting that surrounds you. If you have trouble sitting still, do 5 minutes of Yoga, or any moves you like. As you breathe in, focus on the energy-filled, clean air as it flows through you . . . and, as you breathe out, imagine that all of your stress is flowing out of your body, mind, and soul. Continue to breathe slow, long, deep breaths. This is a wonderful time to listen for messages from your Inner Wisdom. If you notice any thoughts that you want to remember, grab your journal, and make a few notes.

      When you really can’t get away . . . you can increase the Negative Ions Indoors where you live by adding plants and moving water into your environment. Create or buy a fountain, and a few houseplants to help clean the air, and generate negative ions.  You really can create an indoor green space. It’s easier than you think. I will write “How To’s” in other blog entries. 

      So the next time you are feeling stressed, remember the Sensuous Woman’s Cure for Stress …  and get some Negative Ions!   

Give the man you love a Stress Free, Sexy Valentine’s Day

This is the perfect present for the man who really hates going out to Dinner on Valentine’s Day. Give him what he really wants. Tell him that you are going to cook dinner for him so you don’t have to go out. He may be thinking that you will avoid the crowds and the cost of eating out, but staying home can be much more Romantic! Give him what he wants and get what you want too!

Sometime before Valentine’s Day, hand him an Invitation to the Event,  a checklist so that he can customize it with his preferences and check off his choices.. You could also email or text him.

Choices could include:

Dinner Menu, Type of Companion,Fantasy and Sexual preferences.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Invitation

Please check your choices…

___ Pizza
___ Pad Thai
___ Eggplant Parmesean
___ Alternate Choice _______________
___ I cook it for you
___ I pick it up from your Favorite Restaurant ________________________________

___ Sexy, Sensuous Going out to dinner
___ Sexy Guest Chef
___ Costume
___ Mostly Naked
___ Dual Role – Hot Date / Sexy, Sensuous Chef
Decorations will be provided
Do you want to…
___ Bring Flowers
___ Have them delivered ___ by  florist   ___ by the chef

Do you want to…
___ Provide Desert
___ Choose Dessert
___ from a restaurant    or    ___  made by your own personal chef at home   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
After Dinner activities
___ Sleep
___ Watch a Movie
___ Sex           type___________________________________________
___ Costume, Lingerie, Fantasy details__________________________
Additional requests_______________________________________________
Dinner is at 8 pm…To make other arrangements call or text!