I consider myself a Life Coach since 1983 when I began working as a psychiatric RN in a hospital setting. I have worked with a variety of people with emotional problems. What I do is help them talk about their lives, uncover feelings and discover goals to help them move towards a healthier, happier life. That experience combined with my own quest to be in touch with my Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self  is what helps me relate to others on a more personal level.Over the years I have connected with many woman who are also trying to figure out what it takes to be happy. By listening to them and learning from them I am able to help them discover what is really important to them. I encourage them to make small changes that will help them become the woman who they want to be. Helping women discover where they really want to be and how to get there is an exciting journey. It reminds me that we are all looking for the same thing … to live life passionately! Studying Yoga and meditation since the age of 17 I have maintained a personal interest in both mental and physical health and nutrition. I am a Certified Kripalu Yoga instructor. I have also done Transcendental Mediation since age 21 and teach meditation and relaxation techniques. I have also created and presented workshops for women on getting in touch with Your Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self and am currently working on a book called ” Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach “. I am a published author and  was 1st published in Mad Magazine.  

Short Bio
I’m a Psychiatric RN  
Anger management educator
Certified yoga instructor
Published author (first published in Mad magazine)
Gardener and former owner of two specialty gardening shops.
Founding  Vice President of an International Gardening Association
Gardening columnist
Self proclaimed gourmet cook
Juried Artist of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen for Chinese Penjing
World traveler
Protector of 100 acres of woods
I’m a woman who:
 – sees the glass as half full
– knows how to set goals and achieve them
– has  the ability to motivate others to reach their goals
– constantly strives to stay in touch with my Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self

My Website www.SensuousLifeCoach.com


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