Sensuous Gardening Get Dirty


Playing in the dirt has more benefits than we ever realized.  Over the years we have heard about many ways to increase the “feel good” chemicals in our brains by doing things like eating Dark Chocolate, and doing Yoga or Running.  But now, Gardening has been shown to be an excellent way to improve our Brain Chemistry,Immune System function, and even the way our brains work.   So, what is it about Gardening that helps us in so many ways?  The secret is in the Dirt . . . it’s Magical!
For those of us who are Gardeners, we have always known that Gardening helped us feel good.  But, now there are even more reasons to add Gardening to your Life.   As a Society, we are cleaner than ever with antibacterial soaps and products everywhere we go.  Some of these chemicals can disrupt our endocrine systems.  So, as it turns out, we need to be a little dirtier to be healthy.   This is where Gardening comes in.  When you get your hands into rich, organic soil, you are giving your Body and Mind something essential.  Soil is full of all kinds of microorganisms that we need to be happier and healthier.  Apparently, there are microorganisms in soil that can trigger the release of Serotonin, the “feel good” chemical in the Brain, which is a natural anti-depressant.   There are lots of healthy bacteria that live naturally in the soil.  In fact, a particular strain, named mycobacterium vaccae, has been studied quite a bit. This particular bacterium has been shown to improve Immune Function, increase Serotonin production, and also increase the neuron firing process in the Brain that relates to alertness.
Apparently all of our childhood play, like making mud pies, playing with Tonka trucks in the dirt, rolling around in the dirt, or even playing in a Fairy Garden, had a purpose.   So, get Dirty any way you can.  Find some Heathy, Organic Soil, and go for it.  Getting Dirty will not only improve your overall mood, but it will also help you become more in touch with your Sensuous Self.   Getting in touch with Nature is a vital part of nurturing your Creative, Sensuous Self, as well as helping your overall Mental and Physical Health.
So, no excuses. . . . You can garden anywhere.  You can garden in your yard, in a container on your patio, or even inside your home in a south-facing, sunny window.  Grow something you love.  Start from seeds, or just buy a plant and transplant it into a larger container.  Basil, Impatience, and Lettuce are easy to grow, and can be grown inside or out.  A patio tomato is also nice to have in the summer.  I really like growing cherry tomatoes for salads.
The act of picking veggies, herbs, and flowers is also beneficial to our mental health, because it connects us to our primitive, passionate Nature, and naturally increases Dopamine in the Brain. . . . another “feel good” chemical.   So, be sure to remember . . . Get Dirty. . . . It will make you happy, and increase your connection to the Sensuous, Sexy, Vibrant Person inside of you!  Play in the dirt with your children to help them appreciate Nature, and understand our connection to the Natural World.  And most of all . . . Have Fun!

Peggy Durham
Author of “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach”  Link to Book on

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