Just say “Yes” !

Most Sensuous Women can be procrastinators at times..Procrastination happens for an infinite number of reasons… You may choose to procrastinate because you are really getting into something… Like a luscious piece of chocolate cake… Or smelling your lover’s neck. And even  when it comes to doing something fun (ie. Sex)…procrastination can happen..That is exactly the time you need to use a little “Sensuous Woman Awareness”. “Sensuous Woman Awareness” means becoming more aware of sensuous moments.  If you are paying attention you will begin to notice sensuous moments with your lover that might lead to something more. He might make what seems to be a a subtly sexy comment when what he really may be wanting you to come and touch him… So remember to just say “Yes” …everytime… or at least everytime you can… You will be surprised at how he reacts, especially if he’s used to hearing ,”No”. Being  spontaneous benefits your relationship, your overall health and improves your connection to your Sensuous Self.   When you think…I should do Yoga… then do Yoga…. if you say to yourself, I should eat more Veggies..then eat more Veggies… Listen to the messages from your Inner Wisdom and act on them whenever possible…   And remember…the next time you are feeling like procrastinating… Just say “Yes”!

Sleep and the Sensuous Woman

     Get Better Sleep!!!
  It’s impossible to be a Sensuous Woman if you are not sleeping well! Poor sleep can cause irritability, grumpiness, and feeling overall stressed out, both mentally and physically. This can lead to all sorts of other bad things.  Being a Sensuous, Sexy Woman is low on the list of a sleep-deprived woman.

      Hormones play a huge role in sleep. Estrogen and Progesterone, in particular, are important for sound sleep. When a woman is going through Menopause or Peri Menopause, these hormones can be unbalanced.  I’ve read about this many times over, but when my hormones run out (I use bio identical hormone pellets), the first thing that I notice is that my sleep is disturbed.  I normally wake up several times a night, for water or a bathroom break, and when my hormones are gone, I find that I cannot get back to sleep easily. Sometimes, I lie awake for hours, and then just get up. I also do not dream very much at all without adequate amounts of these hormones. This robs me of restorative sleep. When my hormones are balanced, I get back to sleep easily and dream vividly. Deep sound sleep is critical to being healthy, so it’s important to improve it any way you can. 

      There are many coping skills to use to help with sleep. Guided relaxation is one example. You can learn more about Guided Meditation online, or use the example below to create your own Guided Meditation. (You can also use your smartphone to record your own voice.)

      If sleep issues continue, tell your Doctor about your sleep problem, or go to a sleep specialist. Fixing the problem is essential. Feeling healthy is the key to being a Sensuous Woman.

      Other options include…

      ~ Go to an Anti-Aging doctor who understands bio identical hormones to discuss your needs.

      ~ See an Endocrinologist to assess you for other hormonal imbalances.

      ~ Take a supplement shown to help ease Menopausal symptoms.

      ~ Take a supplement that helps with sleep like Melatonin.

      ~ Learn about how diet and exercise can help with hormonal issues.

       I recently discovered that Arbonne makes two Bio identical Hormone creams. One is Bio identical Progesterone (Prolief) #776, and the other one is Bio identical Progesterone and PhytoEstrogenic herbs (Phyto Prolief) #777.  I have several friends who love these products!  You can check them out at my website:


Pay attention to messages from your Inner Wisdom. . . .

      If you have problems sleeping . . . don’t procrastinate.  Find a way to improve your sleep ASAP! You may need to see your health practitioner to be sure that there is not a medical problem that needs to be addressed. You may also need to examine your emotional health, and do whatever it takes to resolve any issues that are keeping you from connecting to your true self, or peace of mind.

An example of Guided Meditation

      Begin by taking a deep breath . . . in through your nose and out through your mouth.

As you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in energy and lightness . . . . As you breathe out, imagine that you are breathing out all negativity. . . . Breathe in again . . . and breathe out. . . . Continue breathing for 6 breaths.

Now, focus your attention on your toes and all the muscles of your feet . . . suggest to your feet that they relax,  and feel the relaxation. . . . Breathe in . . . breathe out.  Focus your attention on the calves of your legs. . . . .Suggest to your calves that they relax. . . . . Let go of tension . . . and feel the relaxation. . . . Focus you attention on your knees and your thighs. . . . . Notice any tightness that you feel. . . . Suggest to your knees and your thighs that they relax . . . and feel the relaxation. . . . (Continue on with all of your body parts if you stay awake that long)

Sweet Dreams!



Stay in touch with your body

Get into your body everyday   This might sound crazy but think about this…you get up in the morning and go to work… and then you run from one thing to the next, keeping yourself very busy and barely taking time to take a breath. After work, you run home and rest for a minute or two before you start to fix dinner…. Next you take care of all the rest of the things that need to be done before you fall into bed. Its easy to see how you can spend your entire day and evening going non stop and being  totally out of touch with your body. In order to be a Sensuous Woman it’s important to take some time to regain your sanity and your connection with your Inner Wisdom and your body. Somewhere in the middle of all it all you need to get physical! Go run or walk for 45 min or dance or swim..do yoga or anything that forces you to use your body.  You could move rocks around, garden or go for a hike. Wild sex also counts. Not staying in touch with your body is the number one reason a woman forgets how to be sensuous. Pick an activity that makes you work your body…something that makes you notice how your muscles feel when they are really doing work.After the hard work , take a shower and massage lotion or oil all over your body…or ask someone to help you with it…Staying in touch with your body is the goal, your imagination is the limit. Getting back in touch with your body is easier when it hasn’t been that long since the last time. So…no excuses! Do something Sensuous with your body today.

A Sensuous Woman stays connected to her Inner Wisdom through Empathy

    Empathy, or “being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and understanding how they feel” is an important part of staying connected to your Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self. Understanding how another person feels will remind you that we are all connected. And, if we could remember that we are all connected, we would treat each other better.

      We all want the same things out of life. . . .  Okay, not all of the same things, but there are many things that everyone wants. Health, happiness, and a sense of connectedness are just a few of these things.

     Empathy can improve all relationships, and it can sometimes stop your “Anger Response.”  Taking a moment to consider another person’s feelings is what your Inner Wisdom would do if you are able to stay connected to it. When you get angry, your connection to your Inner Wisdom usually flies out the window. The more you practice Empathy in everyday life, the more you will be able to use it when your emotions are running high. Every day you have endless opportunities to practice Empathy.  When you are in traffic, and someone cuts you off is a perfect time to consider Empathy as a different way to look at things. That person is probably frustrated, and trying to get somewhere just like you are . . . or maybe they didn’t see you, or didn’t realize that they were making you mad.

      At home, using Empathy is almost impossible when you are in the heat of an argument with someone you care about. Ask yourself, “How would the ‘person I want to be’ act?”  Then, stay true to what you believe.

      Using your connection to your Sensuous Self also improves your ability to practice Empathy. Your Senses bring you information about every situation. Using this information will improve communication with everyone, especially those you are close to. Everyone has Inner Wisdom. If you show Empathy toward another person, you may help them connect to their own Inner Wisdom or Higher Self . . . and it will definitely help you do the same. So remember . . . a Sensuous Woman stays connected to her Inner Wisdom through Empathy. Be sure to practice Empathy as often as possible.