Cook Naked!

Whenever you can… Cook Naked! Cooking Naked helps you stay in touch with your body. And being in touch with your body will bring out your Inner Sensuous Chef who wants to cook Healthy, Beautiful and Sensuous Food to maintain your Healthy, Beautiful and Sensuous Body. Go completely Naked or wear an apron if you must for protection…especially if you are a Passionate Chef…like me!  

Play Dance Music while you cook to set the mood for Sensuous Cooking. Choose music that you love… Music that makes you want to move. (I go to and choose Pleasure Victim)  Dancing while you cook will make cooking a more Sensuous experience. Moving your body rhythmically will get your energy flowing which will improve your Creativity.   And as you are cooking remember to choose lots of colorful Fruits and Veggies and don’t forget to use Herbs and Spices too!  They are all full of Antioxidants and other Magical things.  

I also suggest that you Eat Naked. Eating Naked tends to help you choose your foods and portions more wisely. While you are Cooking and Eating Naked … Be kind to yourself… And remember to say only Positive Helpful things to yourself about your body.   Here is a simple and powerful Positive Affirmation… My Body is becoming more Beautiful, Heathy and Sensuous every day!   Cooking Naked will help you stay in touch with your Sensuous Self. Do it as often as possible and use your Positive affirmation every day!  

Peggy Durham Author of “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach”
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About the Book
Get in touch with the Sensuous, Sexy, Vibrant Woman inside of You!  Learn how to be more Sensuous and Passionate in everything you do.
There is something for everyone in this book.  It’s written for Women, and for Men who want to understand how Women think. Whether you are Single, have a Lover, are in a Relationship, or want to reconnect with Sensuous, Sexy, Younger You . . . you will find Creative, Playful, Sensuous Experiences in this book that will bring Passion to every moment of your Life. Each page is a new Thought, Idea, or Sensuous Experience to help you become the Sensuous, Sexy, Happy, and Healthy Person that you’ve always wanted to be.