Experience Real Perfume Every Day!

Perfume can be nice, but natural fragrances are more gentle to our senses. Flowers are a natural source of real perfume.  In my opinion, the best way to experience real perfume every day is to surround yourself with real flowers. Grow or buy flowers, so that you have some real perfume in your life every day. In your garden, try to include flowers that are known for their fragrance. Some of the sweetest-smelling flowers include Lilac, Roses, Hyacinth, Lilies, Lavender, Dianthus, Sweet Peas, and Phlox.  Once they start blooming, be sure to pick a few for your home and office every day. Picking flowers actually stimulates the plant to put out more flowers.     
Growing flowers in containers is another way to add natural perfume to your life, and it’s not that complicated. Most summer annuals and tropical plants will grow on a sunny window sill, or on your porch. Citrus trees do well in containers, and lemon trees are especially beautiful. Few flowers smell as sweet as lemon blossoms. You can also grow sweet-smelling herbs, like lemon balm or basil. Basil roots in water, and can be grown in water. All you have to do is add some water every other day and a little fertilizer weekly. Both basil and lemon balm will also grow nicely in containers in a south-facing, sunny window in your home. Exceptionally fragrant indoor plants include Citrus, Jasmine, and Gardenia.      
You may want to stop by your local florist, and pick up a few flowers. Just visiting a Flower Shop can give you a real perfume experience. Tell the floral designer that you are looking for the most fragrant flowers. Be sure to smell them before you buy, because although they may be fragrant, they may not be pleasing to you.      Flowers tap into the emotional center of the brain. What might smell nice to one person, may remind another of something unpleasant. My favorite sweet-smelling, cut flowers are Freesia, Stock, and some varieties of Roses. Buying flowers for yourself is a Sensuous Activity! You don’t need to wait for a special occasion, or someone else to buy them for you. . . . Put it on your list of things to do to become a more Sensuous Woman. Adding flowers into your life on a daily basis will soothe your senses, and help you get more in touch with your Sensuous Self. 

Don’t forget to put a new Fridge Checklist on your Fridge (see previous Post) it will help you stay motivated every day.
Until later,

Peggy@ SensuousLifeCoach.com


How I met Robin Williams!

 I wrote a Sitcom Pilot called, ” Psycho Nannies.”  When I wrote this teleplay, I envisioned Robin Williams playing the psychiatrist who had social anxiety disorder.  And, when I went on vacation to Las Vegas, and I found out he was performing at MGM, I knew I had to meet him.  How? . . .  was another issue all together. 

      I decided that I had to meet him, so my creative ideas started to bubble up.  I purchased a ticket to his show at the last minute, and got a seat in the 8th row on the floor on the aisle.  I knew this was a sign.  I wanted to give him my business card, and tell him about the sitcom pilot . . . but I knew my options were limited.  I went to the gift shop at MGM and looked around for ideas.  I found a red MGM golf towel, and decided to sew my business card onto it, then somehow give it to him during the show.  After all I thought, I was on the 8th row. . . .  He was wonderful of course, and I kept waiting for the perfect moment to give him the towel.  I was ready with my towel, and then he finished his comedy routine and left the stage.  I was devastated.

      Then, with all of the applause, he returned to the stage. I was thrilled.  I rushed up to the stage to give him the towel.  He saw me, and came over to me.  He said, “What’s this?” as I handed him the red towel.  I said, “It’s just something for you.”  He said laughing, as he took the towel, “You’d better watch out for that old lady.” There was an old lady, who was the person keeping people in their seats, who was headed straight for me.   He went back to his show.  I was thrilled that he held my red towel through the rest of the show, and used it as a prop.  He had bottles of water that he used as part of his skit . . . and he wiped his brow with the towel numerous times.  At one point, he used the towel to wipe up water that he spilled.  

      He walked off the stage, still using my red towel to wipe his sweaty brow.  I couldn’t be happier!  I have always loved Robin Williams, and this is my fond memory of our one-time interaction. He was a wonderful person, and will be missed deeply.  Robin, you will always be Dr. Otto Know in my sitcom. I have not yet obtained representation for this sitcom pilot, but I know that there is no one who could play the psychiatrist like he could . . . Thank you, Robin, for all of your inspiration!

Until later, Peggy


10 Sensuous Things To Do Every Day

Eat beautiful food and drink pure water
Be aware of your thoughts, words and actions  (Are they in line with the person you want to be?)
Stretch and move your body  (Stay in touch with your body’s Inner Wisdom.)
Be aware of the input from your senses
Breathe clean air deeply k
Tell someone you love them
Write something in your journal  (Thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes and dreams)
Meditate or be still
Express feelings in a healthy way
Stay open and listen to messages from your Inner Wisdom