Find a Sensuous Hat to Love


A Sensuous Hat is essential if you Love to spend time outdoors. As a Sensuous Gardener I spend lots of time outside in a variety of activities. And I always try to wear my Sensuous Hat. It protects my skin from the aging effects of the sun and keeps it healthier.  We expose our faces to the sun all the time by walking outside from here to there. It adds up. So grab a Hat!

Finding a great Hat is an adventure. Last spring I found my Sensuous Hat in a local Outdoors Shop. It’s perfect for my lifestyle. I did have trouble picking a color because I liked all 3 colors… white, dark lavender and black. I picked the white one with black interior… and I love it. It holds up to being rained on and being washed and it has put up with lots of use including being my swim hat. If you want to check it out it was made by The Sun Day Afternoons Hat company.

Let’s make it a trend to wear a Sensuous Hat! I will continue my search for my next Sensuous Hat …Please let me know if you can recommend a Sensuous Hat based on your experience…

Send photos to me for my website of your Sensuous Hat!

Peggy Durham

Author of “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach”
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“Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach”
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