How to Have Excellent Self Esteem! Become “The Person You Want to Be!”

Imagine that you have a Magic Wand, and you can wave this Magic Wand and  become exactly the Person that you have always wanted to be.  Can you describe “The Person You Want to Be”?  It’s not about wishing for fame or fortune . . . or to have gorgeous hair, face, and body. . . .  It’s not really about physical things at all.  The essence of “The Person You Want to Be” includes emotional, psychological, and spiritual qualities or characteristics.
Step One:         
Define or describe “The Person You Want To Be.”  Open your journal to two blank pages. 
At the top of the left hand page write . . . “The Person I Don’t Want to Be” . . .
and on the top of the right hand page write . . . “The Person I Want to Be.”        
While making your lists it may help to think about people who you admire or maybe others who have characteristics that you hope you never have.  They may be family, friends, celebrities or they could even be fictional characters, from a book or a movie.  It may take you awhile to create these lists and you may need to come back to them from time to time to increase the clarity in defining “The Person You Want to be.” Here are a few examples. . . .  

“The Person I Don’t Want to Be”   
Aggressive    Mean    Passive    Selfish    Closed-minded    Rude    Greedy    Lazy    Sick       
A Person who:      
Uses Negative Self Talk      Avoids talking about Feelings      Has Low Self Esteem   

“The Person I Want to Be”     
Nice     Generous     Assertive     Open-minded     Confident     Strong     Understanding     Healthy    
A Person Who:     
Helps Others      Uses Positive Self Talk      Has High Self Esteem      Is able to talk about Feelings  

Step Two:        
After you create your Lists . . . look at them, and then ask yourself . . .  am I more like “The Person I Want to Be” or “The Person I Don’t Want to Be”?  If you look at your Life, and realize that you are behaving like “The Person You Don’t Want to Be,” you will most likely have Low Self-Esteem.  If you are making decisions, and acting like ”The Person You Want To Be” . . . You will have  High Self-Esteem.  It’s normal to feel good about yourself when you are making decisions like the Person You Want to Be!  That is the Secret to having Excellent Self-Esteem.  

Step Three:        
From the moment you wake up each morning, until you go to sleep every night, you make hundreds of decisions.  With each decision you make . . .  you head in one direction, or the other.  Each decision brings you closer to “The Person You Want to Be,” or “The Person You Don’t Want to Be.”  At first, you may have to think about your decisions to make sure that they are in line with The “Person You Want to Be.”  But one day, the decisions will just come naturally, and you will realize that you are that Person.  You need to remember that you already have the Power to become “The Person You Want to Be.”  It’s simple . . . just one decision at a time.      

Share this concept with someone you know who has low self esteem…

Until next time,