When you are having a bad day…Do Yoga

When you are having a bad day… Do Yoga
  The next time that you notice that you are having a bad day, try to remember… Do Yoga. You can ask a friend or Lover to remind you that “5 min Yoga” is what a Sensuous Woman would recommend…
   There is always a reason to do Yoga   
    Makes your Endocrine glands work better…   
    Gets your mind off of things…      
 Gives you a more Limber and Sensuous body…  
     Any excuses?       And you can do “5 minute Yoga”… It counts!  

        ” 5 minute Yoga ”    
 Excerpt from my soon to be published Book                      
  “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach”     
  ” 5 Minute Yoga ”    
Standing Yoga Stretch
This is a fun stretch that can be done almost anywhere.  Stand up and give yourself an arms length on either side of you. Begin by rolling your shoulders forward 6 times and then backwards 6 times. Next let your head drop forward and then to the right, to the back,and to the left. Then repeat 2 more times. Next is the Half Moon Series, intertwine your fingers and stretch your arms towards the ceiling as you inhale. Exhale as you stretch to your right, Inhale up,exhale to the left, Inhale up, exhale to the back (tighten your butt), Inhale again as you stretch up and then exhale forward. As you come up bring your arms straight out to the side. Bring one arm around to the front at shoulder level and the other to the back. Look at your hand out in front then look at your hand out in back while keeping both arms outstretched. Then move to the other side…by moving the arms into the opposite position. Repeat 6 shoulder rolls,forward and back, neck stretches in 4 positions, three times and then the Half Moon series again followed by the arm/spinal twist. Repeat a third time and you have your 5 minute Yoga that can be done whenever you have 5 minutes.