Improve your Self Esteem…

 Take a Selfie… Seeing yourself in a photo often gives you a really good look at yourself. . . .  If you are analytical, or tend to be self-critical . . . You may have a hard time finding a photo of yourself that you really like.  The best way to have a photo of yourself that you love . . . is to take it yourself.  This is where taking a “Selfie” comes in.

      Pick a time when you are doing something that makes you happy . . . you will look beautiful.  We can all be self-critical about how we look at one time or another.  This starts at a very young age . . . especially for Women.  I work with teenagers in a psychiatric hospital . . . and whenever I talk with them about “Self Talk” . . . 90% of the girls report that they never say positive things to themselves, but instead they engage in Negative Self Talk. . . . They almost always say, “I’m fat, ugly, and stupid.” or some version of the same theme.

      We need to let go of that old way of thinking. . . . Say Positive, Beautiful Words to yourself. . . . Be your Own Best Friend!  This goes for Women of all ages.  Some Women never learn this important lesson. . . .  But it’s never too late!

      Do Fun, Sensuous Things, and when you are in the middle of doing something that you love . . . take a Selfie, or 2 or 3.  Take as many as you need until you find one you love.  Look at your photo, and tell yourself something that is Beautiful and Positive . . . like . . .

 “I am Beautiful and full of Energy.”

“I am Strong and Smart, and I can accomplish anything I want.  

“I am part of the Beauty that is Nature.”

“Every day I am becoming more and more like the ‘Person I want To Be’.

“I exude Positive Energy.”

“I am Creative, and express my Creativity in all of my actions.”

“I am a Sensuous Woman who brings Passion to everything I do!” 

      Create your own Positive Self Talk that feels good to you. . . . Say these Positive thoughts every day, and especially every time you hear yourself saying something Negative. Your Brain is listening, and it believes what it hears you say.  You may not believe any of the Positive Self Talk at first . . . But, if you keep at it, you will believe it soon!

      The only thing more powerful than Negative Self Talk is Positive Self Talk!
      So, celebrate your Beauty with a Selfie.  Think Beautiful, Sensuous Thoughts as you snap the photo.  Your Beauty and Positive Energy will make your face come alive.  

      Set your favorite Selfie as the wallpaper on your phone to remind you of the Sexy, Sensuous, Healthy, and Positive You.  And, every time you look at it, say something positive.  Before you know it, Positive Self Talk will become a part of you.  Share this idea with a friend. . . .

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I learned how to walk (mindfully) at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies!    

I’m just getting back to the real world after a week of R&R at Omega Institute in Reinbeck NY. Omega is a place that I refer to as Yoga Camp.  For me, it is a place to rejuvenate my Yoga practice, and reconnect with my Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self. . . . But it’s a whole lot more.  It’s a beautiful place in the country with a Peaceful Lake and great Vegetarian food.  And, of course there are lots of wonderful people that you meet along the way . . . including the excellent staff, and the other guests that you meet at mealtimes, in workshops, at the café, or just walking along the path next to the mountain stream that runs through the campus. . . . The overall relaxed feeling that surrounds you,    helps you let go of stress.  

 At Omega, there are all kinds of workshops related to being Creative, Mindful, and Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Omega is also very involved with innovations to help us become more aware of how to help our planet be more Healthy.  This week, they had a Permaculture Workshop with Andrew Faust, which related to Sustainability and the Health of the World. I enjoyed the tour of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living.  

 The things I liked best at Omega:

~ Yoga Class . . .  with Kayla Valentino, “a passionate Yoga Instructor who focuses on self-love and the sacred union of body, mind, and soul.”  * I thought that she was gentle and used lots of beautiful, encouraging words during the practice about self-love and nurturing… My most favorite Yoga Class I’ve had in a long time.  

~ Walking Meditation . . . Learning how to walk (mindfully) with Craig, the visiting Zen Guy.  As I walked behind him, I realized how difficult it was for me to walk slowly. . . . I heard messages from my feet, and gained an understanding that I need to slow down a bit to stay grounded.  

~ Walking the Labyrinth . . . Learning how to walk (mindfully) with an elephant walk was taught to me by Christina Zaccheo, R&R Coordinator. . . . She explained several philosophies about Walking the Labyrinth . . . and then she walked it with me.  

~ Playtime with Howard Moody was probably my most favorite activity. . . . He said that children laugh 400 times a day, and adults only laugh 15 times a day. . . . He proceeded to make us laugh 400 times an hour. It’s all about Creative play that Adults can really get into . . . it’s very hard to explain. You will reconnect with your Playful Self with Howard, who knows how to play, and makes it easy for you to let your playful self come out to play. . . .  His playful Spirit will inspire you…  

~ Group discussion on Signs, Symbols, Archetypes, Numerology, etc. . . . led by Marcy Currier. This group somehow evolved into finding insights into how we feel about our Names. Spending time thinking back on what our Names meant to us throughout of lives and sharing this with the group,  brought us all closer together as each of us gained new insights into this powerful word which is our Name.  We also discussed thoughts on Numerology, and how to remember names . . . which I needed!  I will never forget the names of my new friends that I met in that group!  Lori, Kelly, Rick, and Marcy.  

  ( Also won’t forget you Kim…1st person I met at Omega … I will be reading your Book called “Kicked out of the Garden”)  

~ Shamanistic Sound Medicine Experience with Rich Goodheart was amazing. He talked about the sound of our own name…  another theme for me this week . . . . I got up and sang my name…Very scary and liberating.  He also created a concert within a Workshop.  We had our eyes closed throughout the performance, and I was sure that he brought in several people to help him with the music which was quite complex and beautiful.  

Other Fun Things at Omega …

~ The Garden was beautifully designed and had been given lots of attention. A lush blooming Cherry Tree was the centerpiece of the Garden.  The Raised Beds and overall Sensuous Design inspired me to start planning new things to incorporate into my Gardens.  

~ The food was wonderful, colorful and Healthy and I really enjoyed having someone else cook!  I was also inspired to add new things to my Menus at home…The food was Vegetarian mostly. . . .  

~ The cafe overlooking the stream was a beautiful place to listen to music by Rich, and talk with new friends (David, Kelly and Martha) … And of course I have to mention the exotic teas, and other Sensuous, Edible Things . . . like Dragoba Dark Chocolate with Chilis, or Dark Chocolate with Lavender and Blueberry.  

~ The Wellness Center… Has Endless Sensuous Experiences… Massage is always a great option, and I loved my AMMA Massage with Elise.    

The most important thing to remember about Omega is to try to take the “relaxed you” from Omega, and integrate yourself back into the World, staying connected to your Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self.    I highly recommend this experience to anyone who needs to Relax, have Fun, and get  Healthier.  

 I will be back next year for a Workshop or R&R. . . . I’m also planning to finish my book, “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach,” by early 2015, and then applying to Omega . . . To do my Workshop called “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach” in 2016!    

For a Memorable Experience, I recommend that you Go To Omega Institute As Soon As possible. . . . you will be happy that you did!    

Check it out at   Thanks Omega!  

  And special Thanks to my Soulmate, Jeff who encourages and inspires me to Be the Person I want to be!  

I’m going to go do Yoga Now!
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* from the Omega R&R schedule