How to Help a Friend with Cancer… Give them Sensuous,Beautiful Healthy Food!


Of course there are many ways to help a Friend who has been diagnosed with Cancer. One of the most important things is for them to be able to talk with someone about how they are feeling… But, depending on your level of friendship and where they are emotionally, that may not be the best first choice.

Sending a message that you are thinking about them is usually appreciated and reminds them that they are not alone. But then what?

You may feel helpless and have absolutely no idea what to do. Cancer and depression often go hand in hand and energy levels can be depleted due to stress. Sometimes just taking care of basic needs may become too much of an effort for them. There are ways to help.

Food is critically important in the battle against Cancer. Sensuous, Beautiful, Healthy Food is one of the most important things that is needed to help anyone who is dealing with any severe health issue. A diet full of Fruits and Vegetables, Healthy Fats, low fat Dairy and lean Protein is essential to give a body what it needs to be strong and resilient… and heal well. Your friend may not have the energy to cook or even go to the grocery to get food. And thinking about a high nutrition diet may not even be thought about at all. This is where you can help!

Recently a few of my friends and I got together to create a new version of the “Fruit Basket” for a friend who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. It was a “Make your own Sensuous, Healthy Shake Basket”. That way my friend could have all the things that she needed to make a nutritious “meal” even if she did not feel like cooking.  The Basket included: A Nutribullet, Organic Carrots, Apples and Kale, Low sugar Almond Milk and a Bag of Arbonne Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder (with Pea, Cranberry and Rice Protein). I also included a box of Green Tea and a bottle of liquid Stevia. I suggested to her that drinking one of these Shakes every day and a few glasses of Green Tea … would be an easy way to provide lots of nutrients and liquids to her diet. The Nutribullet is amazing because it turns veggies…even carrots, into liquid. She was very happy with the gift. Of course any Fruit, Veggie or even Nuts can be used to increase the nutrient content. Berries and Bananas are also wonderful additions.

There are many ways to give food gifts to your friend. If you love to cook, you could prepare a healthy meal or something that could be frozen in portions for ease of use. You could also make a trip to your local Farmer’s market and create a beautiful basket of fresh produce. The possibilities are endless.

Helping your friend add more Fruits and Vegetables to their diet will help with healing because they contain Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and other Magical Things.

Creative Visualization is also a powerful tool. This involves imagining your body fighting the cancer. There are many good resources online to explain how to…

And of course…be sure to get some Beautiful, Sensuous, Healthy Fruits and Veggies for yourself.

Peggy Durham

Author of “Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach”
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