Sexy, Sensuous Christmas Photo Shoot


What a great idea for a Christmas present for your Lover or Yourself . . . a Sensuous photo of you wearing something Sexy. Of course, you could go all out and hire a photographer, but let me suggest a less expensive idea. Instead of hiring a photographer, ask your Sensuous Life Coach Buddy, or a close friend to take
a few Sexy photos of you. If you really cannot find anyone to help you with this project . . . ask your Lover. It would be an evening of fun, even if you don’t end up with any photos. 😉      

The best plan is to figure out everything that you will need before beginning the photo shoot. Decide how you want to look . . . your hair, your clothes, and especially where you want to take the photos. Think about what your Lover would think is Sexy. You could even ask him covertly. Little white lies are okay at Christmas.  Here is an example:    “My friend is going to have some Sexy Photos made for her Lover for Christmas, but she’s not sure what to wear. And, she’s asking me to take the photos for her.  What do guys really think would make the sexiest Christmas Photo? Lingerie . . . Santa’s Sexy Helper . . . or just Lying Naked under the  Christmas Tree !

Be sure to find a time when you will be alone for the photo shoot. Before the “photographer” arrives, pick out a few outfits, and decide the best location with the best lighting for you. Do what you need to do to get in the mood for Sexy Photos  . . . wine, soft music . . . or whatever it takes to get in touch with your Sensuous, Sexy Self. You can practice posing before your “photographer” shows up. You may want to give the photographer a glass of wine too, if she’s nervous about doing a good job. Decide what look you are going for . . . Sex Goddess, or Demure Ingénue, or anything in-between. Think about what turns him on . . . or just think about having Sex, and let the photographer decide which one of your poses works best.

And be sure to take lots and lots of photos. If the photographer wants a few photos of herself, you can trade places when you are done. Most of all, remember to have fun in the process, and focus on how much fun it will be to see the surprise on your Lover’s face on Christmas Morning.


Improve your Self Esteem…

 Take a Selfie… Seeing yourself in a photo often gives you a really good look at yourself. . . .  If you are analytical, or tend to be self-critical . . . You may have a hard time finding a photo of yourself that you really like.  The best way to have a photo of yourself that you love . . . is to take it yourself.  This is where taking a “Selfie” comes in.

      Pick a time when you are doing something that makes you happy . . . you will look beautiful.  We can all be self-critical about how we look at one time or another.  This starts at a very young age . . . especially for Women.  I work with teenagers in a psychiatric hospital . . . and whenever I talk with them about “Self Talk” . . . 90% of the girls report that they never say positive things to themselves, but instead they engage in Negative Self Talk. . . . They almost always say, “I’m fat, ugly, and stupid.” or some version of the same theme.

      We need to let go of that old way of thinking. . . . Say Positive, Beautiful Words to yourself. . . . Be your Own Best Friend!  This goes for Women of all ages.  Some Women never learn this important lesson. . . .  But it’s never too late!

      Do Fun, Sensuous Things, and when you are in the middle of doing something that you love . . . take a Selfie, or 2 or 3.  Take as many as you need until you find one you love.  Look at your photo, and tell yourself something that is Beautiful and Positive . . . like . . .

 “I am Beautiful and full of Energy.”

“I am Strong and Smart, and I can accomplish anything I want.  

“I am part of the Beauty that is Nature.”

“Every day I am becoming more and more like the ‘Person I want To Be’.

“I exude Positive Energy.”

“I am Creative, and express my Creativity in all of my actions.”

“I am a Sensuous Woman who brings Passion to everything I do!” 

      Create your own Positive Self Talk that feels good to you. . . . Say these Positive thoughts every day, and especially every time you hear yourself saying something Negative. Your Brain is listening, and it believes what it hears you say.  You may not believe any of the Positive Self Talk at first . . . But, if you keep at it, you will believe it soon!

      The only thing more powerful than Negative Self Talk is Positive Self Talk!
      So, celebrate your Beauty with a Selfie.  Think Beautiful, Sensuous Thoughts as you snap the photo.  Your Beauty and Positive Energy will make your face come alive.  

      Set your favorite Selfie as the wallpaper on your phone to remind you of the Sexy, Sensuous, Healthy, and Positive You.  And, every time you look at it, say something positive.  Before you know it, Positive Self Talk will become a part of you.  Share this idea with a friend. . . .

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