Get Naked in the Rain!

wpid-img_20150705_093627424.jpgGo out in the Rain and get wet! On a warm Summer night, when it’s Raining . . . figure out a way to get out in the Rain as naked as possible. It’s especially fun if you do this when it is Raining very hard. So, the next time you hear a hard Rain, run outside so you don’t miss it. (Don’t go out in a thunder and lightning storm . . . of course.)


Once you are outside, remove all remaining clothes . . . if possible. Then, as you are standing in Nature’s Shower, run your hands all over your body to enjoy how silky your skin feels covered in Raindrops. After the hard Rain slows down, find a comfortable place to sit. Spend some time becoming aware of how Nature enjoys the Rain. Notice how the Raindrops hit the petals of a flower, or fall onto leaves, and gently massage them. Breathe in the cooler, cleaner air, and feel the overall “vibe” that surrounds you. You can almost see the plants growing as the Rain washes over them. You may notice that Colors are brighter and more vibrant.


When the Rain stops, you may become aware of how calm and peaceful it feels. The world seems more relaxed and pure. It’s as if the plants and flowers are relaxing after their wild, Sensuous experience with the Rain.


When you are finished with your wild naked experience with the Rain, run into the house and turn on a Hot Shower. Climb into the shower as soon as it’s warm, or for a different Sensuous experience, just get into it when you first turn it on . . . As the shower washes over you, you can feel the heat of it pouring into your body. Use your favorite body products that are fragrant with natural flower essences. Stay as long as you like enjoying your shower, then wrap yourself up in a big, fluffy towel, or robe. Have a hot cup of tea, sit in a Sensuous Space, and make a few notes in your journal about your Sensuous Experience. You may also want to make a note of any messages that you may have received from your Inner Wisdom. Be sure to take advantage of hard Rain whenever you can to enjoy another Sensuous Experience with Nature.

Peggy Durham

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