Just say “Yes” !

Most Sensuous Women can be procrastinators at times..Procrastination happens for an infinite number of reasons… You may choose to procrastinate because you are really getting into something… Like a luscious piece of chocolate cake… Or smelling your lover’s neck. And even  when it comes to doing something fun (ie. Sex)…procrastination can happen..That is exactly the time you need to use a little “Sensuous Woman Awareness”. “Sensuous Woman Awareness” means becoming more aware of sensuous moments.  If you are paying attention you will begin to notice sensuous moments with your lover that might lead to something more. He might make what seems to be a a subtly sexy comment when what he really may be wanting you to come and touch him… So remember to just say “Yes” …everytime… or at least everytime you can… You will be surprised at how he reacts, especially if he’s used to hearing ,”No”. Being  spontaneous benefits your relationship, your overall health and improves your connection to your Sensuous Self.   When you think…I should do Yoga… then do Yoga…. if you say to yourself, I should eat more Veggies..then eat more Veggies… Listen to the messages from your Inner Wisdom and act on them whenever possible…   And remember…the next time you are feeling like procrastinating… Just say “Yes”!


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