Sleep and the Sensuous Woman

     Get Better Sleep!!!
  It’s impossible to be a Sensuous Woman if you are not sleeping well! Poor sleep can cause irritability, grumpiness, and feeling overall stressed out, both mentally and physically. This can lead to all sorts of other bad things.  Being a Sensuous, Sexy Woman is low on the list of a sleep-deprived woman.

      Hormones play a huge role in sleep. Estrogen and Progesterone, in particular, are important for sound sleep. When a woman is going through Menopause or Peri Menopause, these hormones can be unbalanced.  I’ve read about this many times over, but when my hormones run out (I use bio identical hormone pellets), the first thing that I notice is that my sleep is disturbed.  I normally wake up several times a night, for water or a bathroom break, and when my hormones are gone, I find that I cannot get back to sleep easily. Sometimes, I lie awake for hours, and then just get up. I also do not dream very much at all without adequate amounts of these hormones. This robs me of restorative sleep. When my hormones are balanced, I get back to sleep easily and dream vividly. Deep sound sleep is critical to being healthy, so it’s important to improve it any way you can. 

      There are many coping skills to use to help with sleep. Guided relaxation is one example. You can learn more about Guided Meditation online, or use the example below to create your own Guided Meditation. (You can also use your smartphone to record your own voice.)

      If sleep issues continue, tell your Doctor about your sleep problem, or go to a sleep specialist. Fixing the problem is essential. Feeling healthy is the key to being a Sensuous Woman.

      Other options include…

      ~ Go to an Anti-Aging doctor who understands bio identical hormones to discuss your needs.

      ~ See an Endocrinologist to assess you for other hormonal imbalances.

      ~ Take a supplement shown to help ease Menopausal symptoms.

      ~ Take a supplement that helps with sleep like Melatonin.

      ~ Learn about how diet and exercise can help with hormonal issues.

       I recently discovered that Arbonne makes two Bio identical Hormone creams. One is Bio identical Progesterone (Prolief) #776, and the other one is Bio identical Progesterone and PhytoEstrogenic herbs (Phyto Prolief) #777.  I have several friends who love these products!  You can check them out at my website:


Pay attention to messages from your Inner Wisdom. . . .

      If you have problems sleeping . . . don’t procrastinate.  Find a way to improve your sleep ASAP! You may need to see your health practitioner to be sure that there is not a medical problem that needs to be addressed. You may also need to examine your emotional health, and do whatever it takes to resolve any issues that are keeping you from connecting to your true self, or peace of mind.

An example of Guided Meditation

      Begin by taking a deep breath . . . in through your nose and out through your mouth.

As you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in energy and lightness . . . . As you breathe out, imagine that you are breathing out all negativity. . . . Breathe in again . . . and breathe out. . . . Continue breathing for 6 breaths.

Now, focus your attention on your toes and all the muscles of your feet . . . suggest to your feet that they relax,  and feel the relaxation. . . . Breathe in . . . breathe out.  Focus your attention on the calves of your legs. . . . .Suggest to your calves that they relax. . . . . Let go of tension . . . and feel the relaxation. . . . Focus you attention on your knees and your thighs. . . . . Notice any tightness that you feel. . . . Suggest to your knees and your thighs that they relax . . . and feel the relaxation. . . . (Continue on with all of your body parts if you stay awake that long)

Sweet Dreams!



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