Stay in touch with your body

Get into your body everyday   This might sound crazy but think about this…you get up in the morning and go to work… and then you run from one thing to the next, keeping yourself very busy and barely taking time to take a breath. After work, you run home and rest for a minute or two before you start to fix dinner…. Next you take care of all the rest of the things that need to be done before you fall into bed. Its easy to see how you can spend your entire day and evening going non stop and being  totally out of touch with your body. In order to be a Sensuous Woman it’s important to take some time to regain your sanity and your connection with your Inner Wisdom and your body. Somewhere in the middle of all it all you need to get physical! Go run or walk for 45 min or dance or yoga or anything that forces you to use your body.  You could move rocks around, garden or go for a hike. Wild sex also counts. Not staying in touch with your body is the number one reason a woman forgets how to be sensuous. Pick an activity that makes you work your body…something that makes you notice how your muscles feel when they are really doing work.After the hard work , take a shower and massage lotion or oil all over your body…or ask someone to help you with it…Staying in touch with your body is the goal, your imagination is the limit. Getting back in touch with your body is easier when it hasn’t been that long since the last time. So…no excuses! Do something Sensuous with your body today.


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