A Sensuous Woman stays connected to her Inner Wisdom through Empathy

    Empathy, or “being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and understanding how they feel” is an important part of staying connected to your Inner Wisdom and Sensuous Self. Understanding how another person feels will remind you that we are all connected. And, if we could remember that we are all connected, we would treat each other better.

      We all want the same things out of life. . . .  Okay, not all of the same things, but there are many things that everyone wants. Health, happiness, and a sense of connectedness are just a few of these things.

     Empathy can improve all relationships, and it can sometimes stop your “Anger Response.”  Taking a moment to consider another person’s feelings is what your Inner Wisdom would do if you are able to stay connected to it. When you get angry, your connection to your Inner Wisdom usually flies out the window. The more you practice Empathy in everyday life, the more you will be able to use it when your emotions are running high. Every day you have endless opportunities to practice Empathy.  When you are in traffic, and someone cuts you off is a perfect time to consider Empathy as a different way to look at things. That person is probably frustrated, and trying to get somewhere just like you are . . . or maybe they didn’t see you, or didn’t realize that they were making you mad.

      At home, using Empathy is almost impossible when you are in the heat of an argument with someone you care about. Ask yourself, “How would the ‘person I want to be’ act?”  Then, stay true to what you believe.

      Using your connection to your Sensuous Self also improves your ability to practice Empathy. Your Senses bring you information about every situation. Using this information will improve communication with everyone, especially those you are close to. Everyone has Inner Wisdom. If you show Empathy toward another person, you may help them connect to their own Inner Wisdom or Higher Self . . . and it will definitely help you do the same. So remember . . . a Sensuous Woman stays connected to her Inner Wisdom through Empathy. Be sure to practice Empathy as often as possible. 



One thought on “A Sensuous Woman stays connected to her Inner Wisdom through Empathy

  1. “Empathy” is one of those words people only use when they’re feeling weighted down by burdens of the world. I like the way you stressed on it on your post. Really, its a dying art that needs to make a return.

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