Start the New Year with a Fridge Checklist

Fridge Checklist


If you haven’t already started a “Fridge Checklist” …  why not start today?   I can procrastinate as much as anyone else but this is an easy step by step thing to do.I revised my checklist and put up a new one today.  Get out your blank checklist and start with just 3 things. If you don’t have one you can make one . Get a piece of paper and put Sunday through Monday across the top and 3 goals down one side. Then make straight lines for each column to create boxes. Make a  check each day for accomplished goals.    I always suggest that you put ” Do 3 Situps” on the list. Actually I prefer 3 Yoga Sit backs (see instructions below). The reason I suggest only 3 is because I have found that the hardest part of any exercise is just getting started.  So have a goal of just 3 sit backs a day. Once you are on the floor do as many as you want. What usually happens is once you get started you think…”I can do 6 or 10…” and that’s fine. But the most important thing is developing a new put it on your checklist and be proud each time you check it off.  Five minute Yoga is another easy option for your list.   Another goal that I always suggest for a” Fridge Checklist”  is ” Sensuous Activity”. This does not necessarily mean sex, although it can. It means any Sensuous Activity. The only limitations are your imagination. I will suggest ideas in my blog and later this year… you can read my book for ideas.   Today’s suggestions… Giving yourself or your lover a warm oil massage, enjoying a hot bath with herbs or flowers in the water, finding a new sexy story to share with your lover, or running outside in the rain as naked as you dare, are just a few ways to check off  “Sensuous Activity” on your Fridge Checklist.   A “Sensuous Activity” could be something as simple as thinking about Sex or something Sensuous that you want to do in the future.  Writing in your bedside journal  or meditating is my 3rd suggestion. This is a great way to start to get in touch with your Inner Wisdom.By putting only 3 things on your checklist you will start to make big changes in your life without feeling overwhelmed.I would love to hear from you all about your success at making life changes that you want to make towards becoming the person you want to be. Also I have a new mailing list sign up form on my website if you know anyone who might be interested in getting the newsletter. 


Your Sensuous Life Coach


Peggy Durham



Yoga Sit back


Stay aware of your body…  Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor in front of you.Raise your arms straight in front you along side of your knees. Very slowly start to sit back almost like a reverse situp keeping arms straight along side of your knees.Go back about half way keeping your ab muscles engaged.Only go back as far as you can hold with your ab muscles.(Don’t fall or roll onto lower back.) Then hold  this position for a few seconds or up to 15 seconds, and then come back to the start position. Repeat at least 3 times. 


Be aware of any physical limitations .Stop if painful.


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