Be your own Sensuous Life Coach ~ the Blog

Welcome to my  “Be  your  own  Sensuous  Life Coach”   Blog… My goals for this blog are to share knowledge, and tell you about my book that I’m publishing later this year.. The book is called “Be your own Sensuous Life Coach” for Women. When you read the book, you will find lots of ideas to help you reconnect to Sexier, Younger, You…

You will learn ways to stay in touch with your Inner Wisdom and your Sensuous Self. You will understand how to develop a Relationship with your Inner Life Coach to become the person you want to be. I have been a Writer,Yoga Instructor, Psych Nurse and a Life Coach for many years…and Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Cooking and Gardening  have  been  personal interests  of mine since I was 17… I was into Yoga before it was trendy… So…please keep up with my writings …  I’m sure that you will find something Fun, Healthy, Sensuous and Sexy on this Blog!!!

Feel free to give feedback if you’d like.

Thanks, Peggy


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